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Key Benefits of Incorporation.


  • Limit your financial Liability
  • Save on taxes
  • Deduct your Health insurance Premiums
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  • The Main thing to understand when choosing a corporation
    is that the most important two reasons to incorporate
    are to limit your personal liability and to save money
    on taxes.

    For instance, you can limit your liability against
    law suits against your personal assets as oppose to
    the assets of your business. Thus, if a customer
    gets injured on the premises of your business and
    you are incorporated, he can only sue you for the
    worth of your business assets - not your personal
    assets, such as your home.
  • In addition, you can save on taxes mainly because
    you can have numerous deductions for business expenses
    that you could not deduct unless you had a certain
    type of corporation.

    There are other reasons. For instance, if your
    business makes an extraordinary amount of money,
    and you are not incorporated, you will pay a
    substantial sum of money for taxes. If you had a
    C (regular) corporation, however, you could split
    the income between the corporation and yourself.
    Although you are double taxed, you are still going
    to pay less taxes because by splitting the income,
    you keep yourself in the lower brackets of taxation
    and thus you save on taxes.


  • Another important reason to incorporate is to receive
    tax free benefits because you can be considered an
    employee of the corporation.

    The decision to incorporate and choosing the right
    type of corporation for yourself is a very complicated
    matter even for lawyers and accountants.

    If you interested in saving money and limiting your
    liability, call me for a free initial consultation.
    I can look at your specific legal situation and assist
    you in forming the correct type of legal corporate

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