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Form a "S" Corporation for  $199  (includes state fee) 

Compare with "Business Filings:"  They charge you $145 just for STATE FILING fees!!!


Form a "S" Corporation for  $199  (includes state fee and all customized documents) 

Expedited Corp Filing * Same Day $69We file the same day; you receive articles in 5 business days
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$69.00> ORDER NOW
Expedited Corp. Filing: $49 Takes 2-3  to file- you receive articles in 5 business days
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$49.00> ORDER NOW
Calif. S Corporation $199

Calif. S Corporation  $199More Details >>
$199.00> ORDER NOW

You will have a chance to fill a form with your company information after payment


Package Includes

  • Filing with the State

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Corporate by-laws

  • Corporate minutes

  • Stock certificates

  • Corporate seal

  • Company Name search

  • Tax ID Preparation

  • Securities Exemption Disclosure form Filing

  • 's Fee

  • State Fee

  • Takes about 2-4 weeks

Do I save on Taxes with an "S" Corporation?

Generally, an S corporation is advantageous to the small company shareholder but not because of the avoidance of double taxation.   You are more likely to save because with an S you can offset profits of the S corporation  with  losses from other business or personal ventures.




to  Incorporate now or

  • Services not included (but included with full assisted incorporation $999 or at a flat service fee per item) (but included with full assisted incorporation $999) in the Package


  • EXPEDITED SERVICE: Regular Service Takes about 2-4 weeks (if you want same day filing, choose expedited service for an additional $99 ). 

  • Shipping of corporate package: Please, download all documents from our website or receive them by email.   Alternatively, pick up package at our office.  If you need them shipped, please add the shipping charge ($14.109) when with your order.

  • Obtain Federal Tax Identification Number: you need this to open a bank account

  •  Preliminary paper work for State Sales Tax Number.

  • Preparation of documents and qualification for a subchapter S Corporation Status Based on the IRS code.

  • home office lease

  • Indemnification Protection

  • shareholders restrictive agreement for multi-shareholder corporations (control the sale of stock of your corporation and get many other benefits by these agreements.

  • Sub-Chapter S packages and filing: Avoid Double Taxation. We provide you with all required documents, corporate resolutions and stock certificates for S corporations.

  • California Unemployment Tax Account Number for corporations with employees: we can provide preliminary support for filing the necessary forms.

  • California Sales Tax Number:  This is the Sellerís Permit and Registration as a retailer (if you sell taxable goods or services)We can provide preliminary support for filing the necessary forms.

  • California Retailer's Resale & Exemption Certificates:  Under State  law, corporations are  required to  properly execute Exemption Certificates given to them  by all of their customers who claim California Sales Tax Exemption.

  • California Securities Exemption Disclosure Form:  You must file this form with the Department of corporations.  This form is required by the state of California to qualify the issuance of your shares under one of the exemptions outlined in the state securities law.

  • Directors' Indemnification agreements:  If you are the shareholder and/or director of your corporation, decisions you take as a director may hold you personally liable for damages and or for taxes.   We can include indemnifying provisions in the articles and agreements to protect your or the directors from possible averse legal actions.

  • Shareholders' agreement:  If you starting this corporation with other shareholders, you probably need an agreement that defines your duties, rights and responsibilities.  This will clarify your position and actions in the corporation and avoid myriads of misunderstandings.   This agreements is highly recommended.  Here is what the agreement may include: Procedures for settlement of disputes among shareholders, restrictions on the sale of  corporate stock to third parties, procedures for purchase of stock of deceased shareholders, non competition agreement clause, and much more.

  • Home Office Lease: We can draft a  renewable and detailed home office lease for your principal place of business if that business location is your home.  This Lease can save you a lot of money from taxes.

  • Company Vehicle and Office Equipment  Leases:  lease your personal car and office equipment to the corporation.  Highly recommended: we can prepare a  lease of your own personal vehicle or personal office equipment leased to your corporation - you can  save a lot of money per tax year with this set-up