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California  San Mateo  DBA  (Doing Business As) Fictitious Business Name 

How will you Help me File and Publish my San Mateo Doing Business As (DBA)?

San Mateo $129we file and publish it
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Federal And State Tax IDs For Your Business

Federal Tax ID Preparation $29We prepare and file your Federal Tax id application
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Seller's Permit CaliforniaYou need this if you sell products in California $49
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State Tax ID - California $49This is the employer tax id # for the State of California
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Bundle - Fed Tax ID, State Tax ID, Seller's PermitWe will obtain the two IDs and the Permit for one low price.
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Fed. & State ID Bundle $69Obtain both Tax IDs
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We can Help Clients Obtain An San Mateo DBA in Orange and Los Angeles San Diego and San Francisco Counties . 

San Mateo has certain registration requirements that are stricter than other counties.


  • An San Mateo DBA allows you to open bank accounts in the San Mateo DBA  name. 
  • Can file as many San Mateo DBA names as you wish.


  • Other business or corporations may have the same San Mateo DBA name. 
  • Other business may file the same San Mateo DBA name even after you file yours
  • An San Mateo DBA is simply a filing of  the business name and the real name of the business owner.


"San Mateo DBA" or Fictitious Business Name (FBN).  What is it?

"San Mateo DBA" means   "Doing Business As..."    A person or a company is using a business name other than their personal or corporation name. 

San Mateo DBA Example:  Tony Soprano starts a business called "Rob 'em and Cheat 'em".  Apparenty, he does not want his name to be associated with the  business name , so An San Mateo DBA registration is required, unless he uses "Tony Soprano" or even Tony Soprano, the Robber" as his business name because  his real name is incorporated in the business name. 

This San Mateo DBA principle applies, as well,  when a Corporation, an LLC, a General Partnership, etc. wants  to do business in another name.   Example, your corporation name is "Rob 'em and Cheat 'em"  and you want to do business as "Rob 'em".  You need to obtain An San Mateo DBA for that name.

Our San Mateo DBA service  currently assist clients who reside or do business within Los Angeles, and Orange Counties.

How will you Help me File my San Mateo DBA?

  • We will  send to you the  San Mateo DBA forms  by email, fax, or regular mail and a return envelope.
    • You MUST sign the forms, and return the forms to us for processing and official filing. You must sign, because the governments require an original signature.
  • We then take the San Mateo DBA documents to the filing office for recording and payment of the filing fees.
    • We then  fax you the  San Mateo DBA filed documents. 
    • We mail the original San Mateo DBA or  to you via US Mail.
  • We  publish  the San Mateo DBA statement,  for 4 consecutive weeks
  • The government sends a proof of San Mateo DBA publication
  • The process of filing An San Mateo DBA takes about a week to 10 days
  • On the hand, an expedited San Mateo DBA takes about 2-5 days.


  • San Mateo DBA EXPEDITED SERVICE: Regular Service Takes about 5 -8 days.   (if you want same day filing, choose San Mateo DBA expedited service for an additional $20)   takes about 2-5 days.  . 

  • Shipping of San Mateo DBA package: we will mail you the filed San Mateo DBA and publication receipt.  You will eventually receive a formal government receipt as well.

Other Services for your company at a per item price or if you bought the assisted  full service incorporation for $999, all of the following are included.

To add any of the following items,  click on miscellaneous $29


Miscellaneous item - proceed to describe it on "comments" after your payment service fees  $29.00      

  • Obtain Federal Tax Identification Number: you need this to open a bank account. $29.

  •  Preliminary paper work for State Sales Tax Number. $29.

  • Preparation of documents / qualification for a subchapter S Corporation Status Based on the IRS code. $29.  Included with the $199 S corp package

  • Home office lease $29

  • Indemnification Protection $29