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Anonymous Incorporation

How to operate a business anonymously.

First, register a fictitious business name that is a fictitious person's name under the corporation ( e.g., xyz doing business as John Smith).    This name can be used for business purposes, to open accounts, sign checks, etc.  Then, in  the name of John Smith, now conducting business in the U.S., you sign a power of authorizing an agent (yourself or any other individual) to act for John Smith, for instance by establishing a branch office or by opening a corporate account  for which you having the power of then have authorization to sign. Thus you act as an employee or manager on behalf of John Smith, retaining constant control over the business without being publicly identified as its owner. Given this arrangement, it is practically impossible for third parties (such as your past creditors) to seize the business or its accounts.

Let us point out explicitly that in the U.S., it is legal for anybody to incorporate using a fictitious name (pen name), regardless of his or her place of residence.

Second file a  corporation under the fictitious business name, John Smith.

Third, corporate and personal bank accounts (including checks) and credit cards are easy to obtain in the U.S. However, corporate bank accounts require a U.S. tax number, also known as an Employer ID Number or EIN. You should get this federal tax id number  right after your incorporate.