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Package Includes

Basic Regular Corporation  "C

$189.00             (includes State fee  - does not include corporate seal)

Shipping for the  "C"  Corporation Package in paper form.

$14.109 Please add this charge if you want this package in paper form. Except for the articles of incorporation,  the $189 package comes in customized documents in electronic form, or small diskette by mail

Expedited Service

$45.00Please note: except for the full incorporation service by for $999, non of the other packages include  expedited filing

Regular Corporation  "C" with extensive Support: 

$199.00                  includes State fee, help with all forms to file and complete paper package  and customized documents mailed to your company address)

Do I save on Taxes with an "S" Corporation?

Generally, an S corporation is advantageous to the small company shareholder but not because of the avoidance of double taxation.   You are more likely to save because with an S you can offset profits of the S corporation  with  losses from other business or personal ventures.




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