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Information in Obtaining a Fictitious Business Name:

Doing business under a fictitious business name requires that you do the following: File a Fictitious Business Name within forty-five days of starting your business. Publish fictitious business name in a  newspaper for four weeks.  Corporations & owners doing business under their own name are not required to file a fictitious business name statement. On the other hand, If you plan to use your own name as part of the business name, you cannot use something like “& associates”. If you do, you must file a fictitious business name statement.

      For example, "John Smith’s Rob ‘em & Cheat ‘em Service" is not  required to file a fictitious business name.  However, "Smith & Associates”  is required to file a fictitious business name.  Note: A Fictitious Business Name with "corp." or "Inc" suffix is not allowed unless you want to file a dba for a corporation with the same name.  If you are filing fictitious business name and the registrant is a corporation, include a copy of the articles of organization or incorporation and have a Corporate Officer sign the fictitious business name statement form. Fictitious Business Name.

XKR ESSEX, INC                California Incorporations       


Fees Below Include State Filing Fees

Expedited Service


The following packages do not include expedited Service.

The Basic "C corporation for $149 below includes  filing with the state, and all necessary forms in electronic form (email pdf. etc)  plus your filed articles in paper form.  This is the best deal if you don't need unecessary paper forms... in addition you can print all the forms right from our website for 30 days after filing.

Basic Regular Corporation  "C"     

  All of the following inlcude: seal, about 100 pages  of all necessary forms, "S" election forms  and all required  filing and after incorporation  follow up advice and reminders on how to comply with the law so you can limit your tax and personal financial liability.  Print your documents right from our website for 30 days after your filing.  

Basic S Corporation


Basic LLC (Limited Liability Company)


Non Profit Basic Incorporation  (I.E., WITHOUT  Tax Exemption filing help)



Non Profit  WITH  Tax Exemption filing Help