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Select the type of entity that most accurately describes your business' legal structure.

Type of Ownership: Who is filing the legal document (s) ?

  1. Sole Owners:                  You are a sole owner if you just filing a dba
  2. Corporations / LLCs:     NOTE YOU MUST HAVE A FILED CORPORATION or LLC WITH THE STATE IN ORDER TO CHOOSE          CORPORATION to file a dba- you must have a corporation certificate.  
  3. Husband & Wife:            You and your spouse are filing a dba
  4. General Partnerships:     2 or more persons under a written or oral agreement filing a dba
  5. Limited Partnerships:      2 or more persons have filed a partnership certificate with the state. NOTE YOU MUST HAVE A FILED Partnership   WITH THE STATE IN ORDER TO CHOOSE  Limited Partnership to file a dba - you must have a Partnership   certificate.