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  One Stop Business Licensing &  Internet Store Set-Up

The following apply to all businesses: ebay, online, home, or any other business you enter into.  All businesses need these licenses. 

See  Table of Required Documents 

Licenses, Tax Ids, and Legal Documents You are Required to Have 


In most states you need the following:


A Fictitious business name,   (required if business name is not your own personal name)
A Business License (required for all businesses   )
A Federal tax id (required for employers, corporations -  or to use it instead of a ss#)
A Resale License   (required for retailers or wholesalers of taxable goods or services)
A State Tax Id: EIN Employer ID (required  for employers (i.e., if you have employees )
A Corporation     (recommended  to protect from legal/financial liability)
An LLC                                  (recommended  to protect from legal/financial liability)
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Keep in mind that the following apply to all businesses: ebay, online, home, or any other business you enter into.  All businesses need these licenses. 

Also, keep in mind that we can obtain ALL ( buy the bundles) these required documents for you in one low price.

Most small business advisors recommend that you file the at least the legal documents that you are required to have to start your business:

If you are planning to start a business don't forget business regulations....  In general, in most states, it is unlawful for any person, to carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, occupation or gainful activity without the required documents below. If you don't obtain the documents, you may be charged with a crime and or be subject to a substantial financial penalty.  


Note that you need a fictitious business name certificate to open a bank account in the business' name and it is wise, as well as required, (in most cases) to obtain the federal id and the business license.

 See a Table of Required Documents 

Note that the ultimate business entity to protect you from civil and or financial liability is a corporation (Corp Advantages and Disadvantages). However, obtain one only if you have a substantial amount of personal or business assets / wealth and want to protect them from civil law suits and / or debtors.  Otherwise, just get a dba and the other required tax ids and licenses  and start making money.  More...

 See a Table of Required Documents 


What legal documents are required to start my business?

In this you will learn whether you need:

If you already decided on the type of service or product to sell, you are ready to start your  business.  The next thing you need is to choose a legal business entity:

There are advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation.  However, if you are ready to operate your business,  just go ahead and get the required documents: 

First, By law, all businesses must file and record a Fictitious Business Name (otherwise called an assumed name, firm name or trade business name)  or Incorporate the Business if they do business in a business name (e.g.,  Carpet Express)  other than their own personal name (e.g., John Smith), a Fictitious Business Name, or Incorporate

Benefits: You need a fictitious business name statement certificate or a corporation certificate  so you can open a merchant or business bank account, discourage competitors from using your business name, and enforce contracts you entered into under the business name.   

Second, by law, all businesses that have employees, or are a corporate business entity such as a corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership, must obtain a  federal tax id.  Note that you may need a federal tax id to obtain a seller's permit and you definitely are required to have one if you have employees.   What is a federal tax id number? In addition, think about it... You open a business bank account using your social security number.... a check bounces... whose credit is ruined?  Protect your credit.  Obtain a federal id and use it to open a business bank account.

Third, by law, in most cases, businesses that have employees must obtain a  State Tax Id: EIN Employer ID. Note that you need to have a federal tax id before you can get a state tax id.

Fourth,  In General,  it  is unlawful for any person, to  carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, occupation or gainful activity without a seller's permit if the business buys to resell or sells wholesale or retail taxable services or tangible items.  A Resale License is the same as a Seller's Permit, Sales Tax Certification, Wholesale License.  Example, you sell computers or clothing online or on eBay in California... you need a sellers permit to buy wholesale tax free.  When you sell, you charge taxes (collect taxes) to pay to government later.  You also need a seller's permit if the services you provide are taxable to the public.

Fifth, Business License:   by law, in most cases, all businesses must be licensed before they can begin to operate.  If an individual or company is found either operating a business or conducting business without a business license, he or she will be subject to significant fines and/or penalties.   Note: you need  a fictitious business name to open a bank account - not a business license. 

 See a Table of Required Documents