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What Else Do I Need to Start a Business

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Please Fill the Form Below to Incorporate or Form an LLC          * = Required

Choose Type of Corporation or Limited Liability Company *

Fees Includes State Fees !

Note: Unless you ordered expedited service, it takes 20 business days for corporations and a minimum of 40 business days for LLCs  
State In Which You Want Corporation or LLC  To Be Filed
  E-mail * The name of the corporation does not have to  include a corporate suffix such as Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Company or Co. in California. However, an LLC must contain "LLC" as a suffix.
*Enter email again
First Last name or name on Credit card you are using to buy our service
 Company / Corporation Name *

California Corporate Name Availability  Record Search

LP/LLC Name Availability Record Search

 Alternate Company / Corporation Name*
If a you are  a nonprofit corporation, please provide a specific purpose - be as specific as possible. 2-4 sentences. *

Number of Shares

In most states, the number of shares corporation will be filed with will be 2000  at a par value of $.01


 Except the following.

  • New York: 200 shares at NO par
  • Kentucky: 1000 shares at $.01 par
  • Delaware: 1500 shares at NO par
  • Ohio: 850 shares at $.01 par
  • Or California  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Note about California Corporations.  We will  form your corporation with 20,000 shares of Common Stock  unless you state otherwise. Note however that more than $25,000 requires a higher fee for filing the issue of shares. At any rate, you don't Need more than 20,000 shares for any reason. One certificate can contain as much shares as you  designate and each share can have any par value you want to give it.

Principal Place of Business and Mailing Address
Could be Home Address   No P.O. Boxes, here.
Zip Code
Phone Number
Fax Number

Registered Agent Information 

 Your Name (or registered agent's name for company)   *  Designated person to receive mail and service of legal process for the corporation. -  If you did not designate one, this is usually yourself and your address


No P.O. Boxes, here. Registered Agent Address can not be a P.O. Box or Postal Mailbox Service.
 Address (cont.) *
  City *
  State/Province *

Zip/Postal Code *

 Phone *
                  That is all the info we need to file your Articles of Incorporation to obtain the Corporation State Certificate!

Please Continue to provide the information that we need to prepare the rest of the Corporation Documents

For The Section Below

     Don't worry too much if you don't have complete information

                We will Request More Information After We File the Articles of Incorporation


(Note: If you provide complete information, Unlike other incorporation services, that is all we ask from you.  You will then be able to just sign the bylaws and minutes along with the stock certificates and you will be in business as soon as you receive the certificate of incorporation.)


          * = Required Field                           DIRECTORS'  INFORMATION

*  Dir. 1 Name : If 1 person Corp, 1 dir  is enough
Dir. 2 Name :  

Dir. 3 Name :


Dir. 4 Name :


Permanent Chairman

If 1 person Corp, you are all of these titles


If you are an one person corporation, and don't have person to fill position, enter  "saa"  (same as above) in  fields.

Authorized Check Signer One

Who is going to sign corp's checks

Authorized Check Signer Two


Legal Representative

Who is going to represent corp in small claims courts (in addition to the attorney, if any)

Please note,  we only need street address and zip  code.  We can find the city. 


Street Address of Directors

Zip/Postal Code of the Directors
* Dir.1 St. Address:

*Zip Code

Dir.2 St. Address : Zip Code

Dir.3 St. Address :

Zip  Code

Dir.4 St. Address :

Zip Code


(For "C" "S" or "LLC", California allows one person to be one, two or all officers

   If you are an one person corporation, enter  "saa"  (same as above) in the treasurer and secretary fields.

President:   * Important! Please note:  In a for profit corporation, one person  can be all three officers (pres. secr. + treas.) In a  non profit corporation, the president cannot be the secretary and vice versa. 
Vice President:    
Treasurer:   *
Secretary:   *

If you are one person corporation and so all three officers, Don't bother inserting your address more than once.  However, complete all address if more than one person.

*President's  St. Address:

*Zip Code

Vice Pres. St. Address : Zip Code

 * Treasurer St. Address :

Zip Code

*Secretary's St. Address :

Zip Code

STOCKHOLDERS   Indicate the names of one or more stockholders  - For Profit Corporation
* Name of stockholder:   not necessary for nonprofits
* Number of shares

Not necessary for nonprofits:    

Regarding Shares. More than a total (for all shareholders) of  25,000 shares, requires add'l  gov't fees.

Please note: the initial issuance of shares determines the % of company ownership of a shareholder.

 Thus, if you are two shareholders, and each is issued 50 % of the shares, each owns 50% of the company regardless of the par value of each share. Thus, the price of each share is not really important unless you want it to reflect the dollar amount of capital contribution of this shareholder. 
  All issued shares should have the same par value (price) for all shareholders.  Example: 1 cent or one dollar. 
Capital contribution per share: $


* Name of stockholder: not necessary for nonprofits
Number of shares:   Example: 10,000
* Capital contribution per share: $ Value of cash offered
from  shareholder to obtain
the shares?
Example: $1
* Capital contribution in $$$  - ( past services or property) Value of services or
items offered for the shares
Example: contributed an automobile worth $5,000 OR provided services worth $10,000


Name of stockholder: not necessary for nonprofits
Number of shares:  
Capital contribution per share  $ Value of cash offered
from  shareholder to obtain
the shares?
Example: $1
* Capital contribution in $$$  - ( past services or property) Value of services or
items offered for the shares
Example: contributed an automobile worth $5,000 OR provided services worth $10,000
Total value of cash offered
from all shareholder to obtain
the shares?
Total value of services or
items /  services
from all shareholder to obtain
the shares
Total of or Cash, services or
items / property

MEMBERS: (Complete if your company is an  LLC Limited Liability Company)

Member's Name or Names: (One or More) not necessary for  nonprofits OR corporatons
Manager's Name or Names


                         FEDERAL TAX ID QUESTIONS


*Name of principal officer 


* Principal officer's  SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER        


Need this for the following: Fed, State, Sellers, and

This is a Secure Website Note this is a secure site/ form.  Notice sign of security by padlock icon on lower right corner of your browser or notice the url:   No One can see or interrupt this information     *Enter social whether a sole Owner or an officer of the corporation

 OFFICER'S DRIVER LICENSE NUMBER                                     


Why Do You Apply for These Legal Document(s)?    *

First date employee wages were paid or will be paid*

or will be paid to employees:  (month, day, year).


Number of employees *

 expected in the next 12 months. Note: If the applicant does not expect to have any employees during the period, enter "-0-."     

 Type of Business*


Please Specify Type of Business Activity: * Example: Selling widgets or computer consulting -




Principal type of products sold;  work done; products produced; or services provided.*


Approximate / Projected Monthly Gross Sales* 

(if unknown, enter an estimated amount)  KEEP LOW, SO YOU PAY LESS TAXES. EXAMPLE: $500 SALES And $100 TAXABLE SALES





*You will be charged an  administrative fee if you cancel your order FOR ANY REASON. 

*  NO REFUNDS AFTER WE SEND YOU THE COMPETED TAX ID  FORMS BY EMAIL There will be no refund After we Email you and or Mail you the completed Form. I.e., After you  purchase the service, submit  this form  and we complete and  send you the completed form by email.


* NOT LEGAL ADVICE: Neither xkr essex, inc.,  nor any of its employees or agents have provided you with any professional or legal advice.

*  YOU AUTHORIZE US:  You authorize the agents at Xkr Essex, Inc.  to obtain the   tax ids, and business licesnes  on your  behalf.



How Did You Find Us?

What Search Word (s) did you use?

*Please Note: *

We may need to contact you so we can  pick up the signed document - so please provide this contact info.


*Cell Phone or phone we can reach you

*From what address can we pick up the document? Pick Up  Doc From Business Address Other Address: Enter Below

Pick Up Doc From Residence Address
*Fax, if available



* By completing this form, I agree that neither xkr essex, inc., nor any of its employees or agents have provided me with any professional, legal or financial advice.

* Signature: Example: /Michael Jackson/ * Date:

Thank you for choosing  XKR Essex, Inc.