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Please Check this   >Box    If  You  want a Corporation 

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Fees Includes State Fees !

Note: Unless you ordered expedited service, it takes 10 - 20 business days for corporations and a minimum of 20 - 40 business days for LLCs
  E-mail *The name of the corporation does not have to  include a corporate suffix such as Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Company or Co. in California.
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If a nonprofit, please provide a specific purpose - be as specific as possible. 2-4 sentences. *
  Number of Shares not necessary for nonprofits.  We will  form your corporation with 40,000 shares of Common Stock  unless you state otherwise.
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Registered Agent Information

 If you want  xkr essex, inc to be the Registered Agent check the box. Our fees per year are $250.
 Your Name (or registered agent's name for company)   *  Designated person to receive mail and service of process for the corporation.
 Corp.  Address * No P.O. Boxes, here.Registered Agent Address can not be a P.O. Box or Postal Mailbox Service.
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 By completing this form, I agree that neither xkr essex, inc.,  nor any of its employees or agents have provided me with any professional legal or financial advice.
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In order to avoid losing your info, If you have problems submitting your form, ( for example you get a message: "oops!  must be a tripod website" ) after you receive the oops message, just click the "back" button and complete the missing information - if you still receive an oops message,  you may want to just print the completed form and mail it to: XKR ESSEX INC 14927 LONG BEACH. CA. 90853