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Fictitious Business Names  DBA FBN  

 Incorporations , Tax IDs Etc.

 Counties We Currently File & Publish Fictitious Business Names  Doing Business As Statements


Payment Options:


Package Price  includes  state fees   1151  for a Regular Corporation and 85 for an LLC


Service or Benefit"C" Corporation"S" CorporationLLCNon Profit CorporationNon Profit Corporation w/ tax exemption help  Full Service Incorporation Fictitious Business Names Dbas for counties of :
DBA Los AngelesDBA Orange County
 Company Name Search*****All DBA's Include Filing and Publication Fees.  For expedited DBA Service, Click Here

Dbas for other counties

Articles of Incorporation -  prepared and filed - Customized Corporate Bylaws,  Form of Minutes for Meetings of the Board, Dowloadable Corporate Documents,  Medical Expense Plan  Resolution, Delivery of filed documents, all required Documents, and Stock Certificates, by e-mail in .PDF  form, Form of Minutes of the Annual Meeting, Stock Transfer Ledger, Action by Written Consent of the Incorporator**Back to Top***

Blank Stock Certificates  By email

Business Legal Forms By email***Back to Top** 

10 Blank Paper Stock Certificates

Add $10**** 
Business Legal Forms (paper)Add $10**** 
Paper Document Package (mailed to your corporation Address)Add  $10**** 
Corporate Seal **** 

Regular Filing (takes 20 -30 days)

Help in Filing the Corporate officers statement **** 
Prepared Form SS-4 -  Federal Tax ID application  S-Corp Election Form (2553) / Tax Classification (8832) *N/AN/A* 
Step by Step Legal Advice on How to set up your corporation so you comply with all  State Laws    * 
Corporate Binder  


Review of documentation and online calendar / reminder service to  notify you when it's time to perform corporate duties and meet important deadlines  Back to Top * 

Name Reservation Certificate

Legal advice on how to form and run your corporation    * 
Secrets of Building Corporate Credit    * 
Step by Step Instruction on How to issue stock     * 
 Instruction on how to shield yourself from creditors and liability for damages   



How to negotiate a lease as a corporation   



how to sell your corporation    * 
How to go public with your corporation    * 
 Asset Protection through corporate entities     * 
Extensive Document support    * 
Frequent Legal consultations    * 
Legal updates in business law    * 
How to build corporate credit of multiple corporate entities    * 
How to avoid paying excessive taxes    * 
How to avoid sexual harassment suits from employees    * 

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Please Note:  A Corporate seal  is included with all packages except  the  $189 "C" corporation package.  In addition, the $189 package includes the articles of incorporation and certificate in paper form but you get the rest in electronic form: diskette, cd, or emailed in pdf form.   PLEASE NOTE: we will give you all that is necessary for you "C" corporation to comply with corporate law.  You don't need a seal to endorse documents - it is not a legal requirement and it helps with NOTHING.    Your signature is as good as any seal.   FYI the seal was used in the 1800' hundred's.  Today, your signature is the acceptable form of corporate transactions. 1151 if the corporation expects to make more than one million dollars the


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Xkr Essex, Inc Business Filings accepts phone orders toll-free in the United States. Please call: 


Please tell the operator the type of service you wish to buy  and have the following information ready: 

  • The type of company  you wish to purchase.
  • Your name and address.
  • Your telephone number.
  • Your email address.
    This is required so we can send you instructions and forms.
  • Your credit card details, including type of card, credit card number and expiration date.
    Xkr Essex, Inc Business Filings accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Personal or Business Checks

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If you want to pay by check (or credit card) online use this  Payment Form   You can also use this form if we have quoted a price that it has no link on this website.

Discount Programs

Xkr Essex, Inc offers discounts for volume purchases, with additional discounts available to recognized educational institutions and registered charities. Please contact purchasing to have your eligibility for discount pricing assessed. Note: All prices are in US DOLLARS

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Dbas - Fictitious Names Call for orders over 2  866-LALawyer

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